Sky tower Auckland

I have added a few of my pictures from Sky Tower in Auckland to my Photoblog. I tried to include views from all sides of the tower. I took some of the pictures from the restaurant were we had a nice 3 course lunch plus wine, which cost only 65 NZ$. Taking into account the quality of the lunch and that we didn’t have to pay entrance for the tower this is very cheap! So if you happen to visit Sky tower remember to reserve a table for lunch in the restaurant and enjoy a great meal with a nicer view!
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Sky tower Auckland Maori sculpture inside Sky tower Sky tower View 1
Sky tower View 2 Sky tower View 3 Sky tower View 5
Sky tower View 6 Sky tower View 7 Sky tower View 8
Sky Jump

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  1. you have taken some pretty amazing shots. If ever i go to the sky tower i make sure to go just before sunset so i can see the day views as well as the night. Night views are stunning.

  2. Ali says:

    Yeah night views should also be amazing I cannot remember till when they allow viewers in the tower.