Muenster during cold winter days

This year winter has been cold with a lot of snow in Muenster. I’ve been doing some night (and day) photography and finally I got a chance to upload some of them in my photoblog.
The first and second photos are taken before the Christmas holidays showing the St. Labmerti church in Muenster and the other three are taken from Burg Vischering, a famous water castle in the area.
To see the photos in bigger size in the photoblog click on them. I used my new Tamron AF 10-24 objective (Canon mount) and a tripod for all these photos.

St. Lamberti (Münster) Typical Muenster Burg Vischering
Burg Vischering 2 Burg Vischering 3

I thought I’ll also share a few words about the objective. The picture quality is great, and it definitely is good value for the money. If compared to the ultra wide Canon (or Nikon) objectives it is relatively cheap. The build quality is also relatively good and there is a 5 year guaranty on it. Here you can read the dpreview on the objective.

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  1. Great photos, the lens really seems to be of good quality. I love photos shot in the night, they have such a special mood. Unfortunately I am too lazy to go out with my camera at night, so I am happy I can look at your results. :-)